Monday, May 7, 2012

The Voice Season 2: Live Finals Performances Recap

The Final Four took the stage tonight on The Voice and oh my god...they worked it out and showed why they should be crowned the winner. This was a great show, except for Christina Aguilera being completely obnoxious. Do you agree? Find out how they all did in my recap.

What did you think of Christina? Who did the best tonight? Leave a comment!

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  1. Christina was kinda mean I don't think 99 problems was a bad song or the way he sung it.
    WHY did she wear that dress it looked HORRIBLE! And why were her hands so dark tanned but not the rest of her?
    I think the singers did an awesome job! Hard to choose but I think for me its between Luca and Paul!

    1. Christina was all about herself, which is nothing different than normal. I have lost a ton of respect for her this season. I am torn...I think it may be Tony, but then I loved Jermaine