Friday, May 18, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Phillip Phillips Needs Surgery ASAP

This could explain soooo much. TMZ is reporting that American Idol Season 11 finalist, Phillip Phillips, is in dire need of surgery and is in danger if he doesn't get it done. He has been urged by his personal doctor to get it done immediately, but he wants to work through it and win next the victory worth it? Phillip suffers from severe kidney problems and at the beginning of the competition it got so bad he had a stent put in as a temporary fix until he could have surgery. But the condition has worsened and Phillip's doc told him he needed surgery now. Phillip said he was not going to drop out of the show so the doctor told him he absolutely had to go under the knife immediately after the finale. The recovery time is at least 6 weeks...some angry ticket buyers for the Idol Tour! The condition is said to dry your mouth, so this could explain why his singing has been off at times and I wonder why Idol has downplayed is mentioned, but very sporadically. He has also missed some of the production events because of his illness...I don't remember seeing him in the Ford music video last night...right?

So, why do you think Idol has downplayed this? Should Phillip have dropped out? Tell me in the comments!

For the full story, click here.

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