Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Predictions: Who Goes Home Tonight?

We are down to the semi-finals on Dancing With The Stars and the Final Four gave it their all last night in hopes of making it one more week and into the finals! We had some great dances and some great scores last night...only three points separate all the dancers. So, who is going home? I am predicting it to be Katherine Jenkins. She has been in the bottom before and I just think William Levy, Donald Driver and Maria Menounos are stronger then her, especially with Katherine's little fall at the end.

So, what do you think? Am I right? Who do you think it will be and why? Tell me in the comments and vote in the poll!

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  1. Katherine was injured! She IS the best dancer remaining!

    1. I feel she will go home...been in bottom before and the injury could hurt her