Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Randy Travis Naked and Arrested For DWI

Randy Travis is becoming a hot mess at the age of 53! Last night, Travis was arrested for a DWI after crashing his car in Texas. There were no other vehicles involved, but TMZ is reporting when the cops arrived Travis was naked! Travis did receive some cuts and bruises from the accident and he does not look like a happy camper in his mugshot! Travis is still in police custody and is also being charged with "retaliation and obstruction" which is a felony! He may be getting some jail time. In February, Travis was arrested for public intoxication after police found him in front of a church smelling of alcohol and holding a bottle of wine. The blood of Christ!

Do you think Randy Travis will get jail time for this latest incident? Tell me in the comments!

Read the full story here.

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