Friday, May 4, 2012

POLL: Top 4 Announced On 'American Idol' Last Night, But Who Will Make The Finale?

This season of American Idol has had a lot of twists and turns and eliminations I have not been expecting (last night included), but we have reached the Top 4 for Season 11. The Top 4 includes Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez. So, which of these four will be make it to the finale? My choices: Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez. This is what I thought it would be for a while, but the past few weeks have made me question it...I am going to hold strong to that thought. To put it simply, Phillip will take down Joshua in votes and Jessica will take down Hollie in votes when people have to start picking between the two of them, so that leaves us with Phillip and Jessica.

I set-up a on who you think it will be and then leave me a comment explaining why you think that way!

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  1. I'm hoping all of Skylars voters will back Hollie now. P2 peaked a while ago and is just hum-drum so I don't see him making it unless VFTW has it's way... Jessica and Joshua are fantastic singers but Jessica comes across a little fake with her emotions mainly because of her age. She needs to BE 16 and not 26!!!

    1. I agree with the Jessica statement, but her voice is amazing and I don't think people will look past that. Phillip has been hum-drum and they keep pointing it out to him, so I am thinking this next week we will see a crazy performance from Phillip, which will bring back all the voters to him and take down Joshua!