Tuesday, April 24, 2012

POLL: The Voice Predictions: Who Will Be Sent Home Tonight?

Last night on The Voice, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo sang their hearts out in hopes of America saving them and getting the chance to move on to the semifinals next week. That chance ended abruptly for James Massone and Pip, as they were sent home in the instant elimination. That leaves us with Cheesa, Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms for Team Cee Lo and Tony Lucca, Mathai and Katrina Parker for Team Adam. The top vote-getter from each team will move on automatically...that will be Jamar for Team Cee Lo and Tony for Team Adam. The remaining two from each team will sing their last chance song for one more shot to remain in the competition. The coach will save one from each team and send one singer home.

For Team Adam, Katrina seemed to win over Adam big time during her performance last night...that will continue into tonight and he can not send her home, so he will send Mathai home. For Team Cee Lo, this is going to be a tough one and sad to see. I love me some Cheesa, but when she is going up against Jamar and Juliet, it's hard for her to fight to the top. I think Cheesa did amazing last night, but so did Juliet and she will be saved and Cheesa will be sent home. If she was on Team Adam, she'd still be here, but she is on a strong team and has to go home.

To sum it up...Team Cee Lo: Jamar and Juliet moving on, Cheesa going home...Team Adam: Tony and Katrina moving on, Mathai going home.

Do you agree with me? What are your thoughts? Explain your picks in the comments people!

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