Friday, April 20, 2012

POLL: Is Rihanna A Bad Role Model?

It's Friday...let's start up a conversation today folks! Rihanna has been in the news lately for her partying ways, smoking weed at Coachella and now she has been tweeting crazy with her celebratory ways for 4/20 (the holiday for weed smokers). This is one of the pictures she posted on Instagram, but there are plenty others. I just feel with over 17 million followers on Twitter, do you think it is inappropriate of her to tweet pictures like this or send out tweets about getting high? Should she keep the tweets and pictures to herself? Take the poll and leave me a comment with your thoughts...I am curious to see what you all think. If more people start commenting on all my posts, I will come up with a fun prize for the biggest commenter!

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  1. I think it is wrong for her to tweet photos and messages like this. She has over 17 million followers, which I am sure a lot are teens. They look up to her and idolize her and want to be her, so she is smoking weed and now they will start to be cool like her. I am not saying she can't party it up and have fun, but to me she should keep that on the she has her relationship with Chris Brown