Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gladys Knight Down 60 Pounds While On DWTS

She may have got the boot this week on Dancing With The Stars, but not before she reaped in the benefits of being on the hit reality dancing competition. Gladys Knight didn't win the mirror ball, but she did win the fight with weight loss, as she says she dropped 60 pounds in the 2-month stint she had on the show...that's awesome! Maybe a little intense with the numbers, but when they are dancing non-stop everyday, you can't knock it. She joins the likes of Ricki Lake and Kirstie Alley who used the show to knock off some major pounds...good for them all!

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If you had the chance, would you ever be on DWTS? Who do you want to see on it next season?

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  1. I'd do the show in a heartbeat. It would be so fun and with the weight loss...bring it on! I don't know who they need to bring on next season, but they need a huge star to bring the ratings back up!