Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blake Fielder-Civil: Amy Winehouse's Ex-Husband In Coma

We all saw his issues with drugs and alcohol while he was with Amy Winehouse, but it seems like it may have gotten the best of Blake Fielder-Civil as well. Amy Winehouse died a year ago from her addiction to drugs and alcohol. Now her 30-year-old ex-husband is in the same boat. He is currently in a medically induced coma after his partner Sarah Aspin discovered him choking on his own vomit after a night of drinking. Aspin said: "The doctors say they don't know the prognosis. They said they put him in a coma to help him and due to infection. I'm praying he'll survive, but I'm having to prepare myself that he may never wake up." Such a sad story. Let's hope for the best!

Have you ever lost someone to addiction? Tell me in the comments.

Read more on the story right here.

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