Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kristin Chenoweth Accident: Actress Emerges In Neck Brace

I have been getting worried about my little nugget. After her accident on the set of The Good Wife a month ago, Kristin Chenoweth has been one quiet little mouse. She has sent out some tweets, but that is about it and then she just announced she will not be returning to the set of The Good Wife, which got me even more worried! Well, TMZ posted this photo of her and it looks like she has emerged for a little, but with a neck brace on and it looks like some darkness under her eyes (probably were black and blue)! I guess it was worse than everyone thought, but she still has that big smile on her face. Let's hope for a great recovery and we can see her sassy self on TV soon enough!

Have you seen Kristin Chenoweth on Broadway? Tell me in the comments!

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