Friday, July 20, 2012

Mass Shooting At Dark Knight Rises Opening In Colorado

Why are some people soooo crazy? At an opening screening of The Dark Knight Rises last night in Aurora, CO, a 24-year-old man stood in the front of the theater, flung a can of some sort of gas and proceeded to shoot people that tried to leave. There was a six-year-old that was injured. James Holmes is being identified as the shooter. He was caught right outside of the theater standing next to his car. He had four guns in the car. Twelve people were killed and several others have been injured. This is just sad and why does it seem these things happen in Colorado? Columbine anyone? What prompts someone to do this? Witnesses say he had no agenda and just was shooting at any random person.

So, does this worry any of you that might go see the movie this weekend? What do you think his motive was? Tell me in the comments!

Read the full details here.

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